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Celebrating 100 years

Of Jewish Growth

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In 1923, Hillel was founded at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Join us in celebrating 100 years of Hillel.

Founded in 1923, Illini Hillel has become more than just a place; it is home.


Since the very beginning, Hillel has grown into a place where students can connect to and foster their Jewish identity. 1923 was just the start.

Each year is an additional opportunity for students to make a commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel.


1923+ represents the ways Illini Hillel has grown since the very beginning and will continue to grow from 2023+.


Join in the celebration by sharing your Illini Hillel story or by donating to our centennial campaign and guaranteeing another 100 years of Jewish life at UIUC.

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