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Paul C. Krouse Pizza Paulooza

Paul C. Krouse Pizza Paulooza

Paul C. Krouse would often tell his children about his days at the University of Illinois. He was a Sammy, and worked as a waiter for a sorority to earn money.  He never had quite enough money to buy pizza with his friends, and that regret helped fuel his desire to work hard and help others when he could.  As each of his children left for college, one thing he made sure of was that each had a little extra money to buy pizza.  In 2019, Paul’s family decided to endow the Paul C. Krouse Pizza Paulooza. The family includes his wife of over 54 years, Ann, and his children (and in-laws) Amy (Jason Rosenthal), Beth (Mark Kaufmann), Joe (Megan Dunne) and Katie Froelich (Brian Saltzman) and grandchildren Justin, Miles, and Paris Rosenthal; Matt and Andy Kaufmann; Sadie and Charlie Krouse; and Tyler, Tucker and Jackson Froelich. They made this gift so each of you can enjoy pizza in honor of their fabulous Paul.

Paul’s strong belief in education was the foundation for Educational Communications, Inc. - the business he and his wife Ann started and ran for 35 years.  The business honored high-achieving high school students.  As the business grew, they started a scholarship fund which awarded over $2 million in scholarships and grants so students could continue their education.  Paul always felt connected and committed to his Jewish heritage.  As soon as his income grew, he generously gave to Jewish charities including JUF, the Holocaust Education Foundation, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  

Paul C. Krouse was part of a core group that supplied funds for Illini Hillel to serve more students and employ more staff.  Additionally, Paul endowed the Krouse Family Visiting Scholars in Judaism and Western Culture in the University’s Program in Jewish Culture and Society.  As a proud U of I Class of ’59 graduate, he strongly believed in giving back to the University where he received his education.

As you end Passover by enjoying as much pizza as you want, we hope you will think of our husband/Dad/Grandfather and all the wonderful things he did during his lifetime.  

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