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Wynne Sandra Korr and Donald Brieland Endowment

Wynne Sandra Korr and Donald Brieland Endowment

Wynne’s involvement with Hillel began the summer before she started college (1967) when the Hillel director from the University of Chicago reached out to welcome her.

From the beginning, Hillel for her was both deeply Jewish, yet innovative and embracing change. At Hillel, women had important roles. Advancing social justice was discussed and lived. Liturgy was both traditional and evolving. Well beyond her student years, she stayed involved with Hillels. For example, Wynne and Don treasured High Holiday services at the Hillel at the University of Chicago and laughed through Latke-Hamentashen debates. Wynne began to help Hillel staff to problem solve and grow and develop as leaders. 

When Wynne was a candidate for a deanship at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2002, she was unsure about Jewish life in the community. A Hillel student leader she knew had her meet some local Jewish leaders, including the Hillel director, who helped convince her that this was a vibrant and diverse Jewish community.

When they got to Champaign Urbana, her relationship with Hillel continued. She served on a director search committee and became a board member. Don supported her work, including coming to all events in Chicago, even when in a wheelchair. He developed a special friendship with one director.  She spoke with student leaders from Big Ten Hillels about Jewish communal leadership and balancing mission and money.

Don and Wynne were innovators in their professional and personal lives. Both were committed to responding to change, to strengthening the organizations they cared about, to incorporating Jewish ritual and love of liturgy (especially liturgical music) in their lives.

It is Wynne’s hope that, with this fund, future students will be encouraged to experiment and innovate in the Jewish world.

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